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Glasgow Declaration on Viral Hepatitis

Because there are 400 million people living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection with no country/region unaffected,
Because there is a lack of global awareness and most persons with hepatitis remain undiagnosed, 
Because 1.4 million people die every year from complications of viral hepatitis yet most of these deaths can be prevented,
Because there are highly effective measures to prevent new hepatitis B and C infections and highly effective treatments that can suppress hepatitis B virus replication and cure hepatitis C infection,
Because universal access to prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment is a human right and promoting access to and affordability of these services is the responsibility of all stakeholders,
The participants of the inaugural World Hepatitis Summit believe it is possible and essential to set as a goal the elimination of both hepatitis B and C as public health concerns. We therefore call upon governments in all jurisdictions to develop and implement comprehensive, funded national hepatitis plans and programmes in partnership with all stakeholders and in line with the World Health Assembly Resolution 67.6 and, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, to define and agree on realistic yet aspirational global targets for prevention, testing, diagnosis, care and treatment.